Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Mother is a Kikay

Before Mother's Month ends, let me share to you how my mother and I had a Kikay time - only that it was her who was the Kikay and I gave her the time to enjoy it.

Mama and I went mall hopping, window shopping, and a lunch date one Saturday of May. I was supposed to visit the derma but decided not to later on. Instead - since mama wanted to have her nails cleaned and colored - we went to Ystilo Salon at Limketkai Center. 

I accompanied her for a hand spa with manicure and a hair cut. Looked like she did enjoy the treat.

That's my Mama.

Sororite la mode

We are officially open! Yes, finally. Our plans to put up an online shop has been realized. Well the shop is centered on fashion. that is why we called it sororite la mode or fashion sorority in english - thanks to google translate for the french translation. Why sorority, you may ask? I'm not just the only one running this business - I'm with my soul sisters. ^-^

click on photo above to get to the page

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Davao | Buddhist Temple

Peace and Serenity - best words to describe Philippine Academy of Sakya or the Buddhist Temple, our 6th Stop. It was the Second favorite place we visited in Davao. I was awed by the sight of it.

We were greeted by a friendly Security Guard. Eventually, he toured us around the place since there was no tour guide available at that time. The monks were also not around. I would ave wanted to see one face to face.

The Entrance and The Smiling Statue of Buddha

The Temple

The Interior

This should be penciled in your list of Must See Places in Davao.
Breath taking.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Magnet Ka Ba? Part 2

... lagi ka kasing dumidikit eh
See more of my magnet collection! Yahoo!











New York



Thanks to 2 generous people for these gifts. I so love them!


Discovered something deliciously good when we went to Abreeza Mall - our Fifth and final stop for Day 2. We left People's Park, took dinner at Barbeque Boss, and headed to Abreeza Mall by 19:30hrs. 

Abreeza Mall is the first Ayala Mall in Mindanao - recently opened early of May 2012.

We roamed around Abreeza Mall out of curiosity. Jiemar wasw particularly interested with the sports and shoe shops and I, with one stall at the 2nd floor of the building - Mochicreme: a Japanese Ice Cream. I was totally attracted to the candy-colored stall and got even more interested when I took a peep. And told myself, "why oh why is the ice cream not melting?".

To make the story short, I bought 1 piece of Blue Vanilla scoop, took a bite, and brain freeze! And yum yum yum yum! So why did it not melt? because it was coated with something like tikoy or something similar to it.

I was not contented with just one. I wanted to try all but settle to try the strawberry flavored mochicreme.

Pair it with a cute packaging, eating mochicreme is one fun experience. ^-^ Well yeah, it was the best memory in Abreeza mall.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Davao | People's Park

We had to postpone Jack's Ridge, GAP Farming Resort, and Crocodile Park for Day 2. We barely had the afternoon to tour them. We decided to go back home to change because of our rain and sweat soaked clothes. And we headed for People's Park at 15:00hrs afterwards - our Fourth Stop.

People's Park is open to all. Entrance is free. Aside from strolling around the park, it has an oval track for joggers and health buffs.  

I loved People's Park for its beautifully crafted sculptures, and the Dancing Fountain. 

We weren't able to stay longer as much as we wanted to because we were a bit hungry and the weather was changing - about to rain yet again. So we settled for dinner then.

New Nestle Crunch Ice Cream!

Here's a new product released in the market.
I love the New Nestle Crunch Ice Cream!

A must try!

Davao | Lola Abon's Durian Factory

Next stop: Lola Abon's Durian Factory.

So we headed to Lola Abon's after Eden Nature Park to buy pasalubong. I always loved Lola Abon's Treats (a must buy pasalubong): Durian Yemas and Assorted Yemas - I especially loved the Mangosteen Yema.


Celebrities spotted.


  Durian Ice Candy at Php10! yum!

A refreshing stop over!


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