Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coco Girl is my new Barbie

Coco Girl reminds me of my childhood days when I made paper dolls and cut out dresses, when I played dress up for my Barbie doll. Coco Girl is now my new Barbie. Catch Coco Girl on Facebook.

Coco City

Sophie serves as a guide in your first tour of the features in Coco Girl. She also becomes your first neighbor. Sophie will ask you to create the first look for your doll.


You may change your doll's features from time to time but of course, with a corresponding amount termed as rubies in the Coco Girl world. You will start off with 2000 Rubies on hand. So be wise in spending your Rubies.  

Sophie will then lead you to enter Puccu in Coco Shops where you will pick out your first ever piece of clothing. I say you pick a bag or a trench coat because they will be more expensive or will be sold in face book credits the next time you enter the store.

Inside Puccu

Sophie will then ask you to dress your doll for your first ever daily look which will earn you 300 Rubies. When you open your chest, you will find random items to choose from for free for your daily look.  Time to dress up!

You can earn a daily bonus of 600 Rubies when you complete the daily tasks which includes creating your daily look, dressing up for quests, rating 20 looks on Fashion Expert, and playing mini games in Coco Carnival. Also it is equally important to earn hearts. Earning Hearts can unlock items for sale in the Coco Shops. There are tasks to succeed in order to earn different colored Hearts. You can also earn tickets. Tickets from playing Mini Games in Coco Carnival can also be used to purchase items in Coco Carnival or convert them to Rubies. 2000 tickets can earn you 5000 Rubies. I prefer spending my tickets for Rubies than items.

Rate 20 looks in Fashion Expert
Play Mini Games in Coco Carnival
unlock Hearts
It's time to invite friends to be your neighbors. More neighbors, more chances of earning Rubies and White Hearts. You only have to visit your neighbor once a day and check if she has items for laundry. Click on 20 items for laundry and you'll earn 1 White Heart. Always ask your top friends to rate your daily looks and quests for you to earn more Rubies. You will also be featured in the Hall of Fame if you have the most number of votes and high ratings.

Earn White Hearts by Visiting Friends
Get Popular Looks or Succeed in Daily Quests from your Friends' Votes
Be featured in the Hall of Fame

The latest addition to Coco Girl Community is the Runway. You will need to complete 5 daily looks for the runway and ask your friends to select which they think is best. You will then compete with random entries. Winning first place will earn you a crown, second place will earn you a scepter, 3rd place will earn you a bouquet, and 4th and 5th place will earn you Rubies. You can use the crown, scepter, and bouquet as special items for your daily looks and quests but not allowed to be used for your runway looks.

At present, I have created 181 looks - a mix and match of the trendy items I bought from Coco Shops. Here are a few of my favorite creations:

I've been playing Coco Girl since September 2010 only recently, I no longer play the game regularly because of my disappointment that there are no more updates on the game such as new stores and new gifts. 

Nothing new in store
Since December 2010 until present

So I bumped into a website searching for an answer. 

Anyhow, I still enjoy playing Coco Girl - as long as I have not purchased everything on the shelves of every store in Coco Shops.

Highly recommended.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a Soccer in Spirit

i played soccer during our intramurals when i was still in high school. am i an expert in this field? no. i am another frustrated soccer player. i like contact sports. scary but challenging. the thrill of claiming and defending the ball from your opponent is priceless. i suffered from injuries but it was not a big deal. it was all part of the sport. but of course, safety first.

when i entered college, our sports committee had worries on the line up for soccer players in our college. only 2 or 3 really had the skill to play. since i had the guts to play, i joined. plus, we tried to convince some of my batch mates to also join. and so we took a crash course. it was a heavy training as we had to wake up early morning to do some exercises and drills. one time, i felt great pain in climbing the stairs to our next class. muscle pain!

it was in our 3rd and 4th year in college that we joined and participated in the annual intramurals.

in our first year (when we were in 3rd year college), we competed against college of engineering and lost. still, we got the 3rd place. it was fun though as we never expected to get any of the top spots. 

we won second place in our final year in college. we competed against college of nursing. it was a close fight. we became emotional in the end.

surprisingly, we were one of the toughest teams. well it wasn't an all star cast but it was a matter of teamwork. we were all team players.

 it was one of the best times in college. 
truly a great experience.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Camiguin Adventures in 2 years

i first had a taste of camiguin last 2008 together with my friends at work. i can barely recall the chronological events of our camiguin adventure that time. 

it was thanks to winston (far left) for the free lodging - we stayed in his relative's home plus, for taking care of the transpo for our tour around camiguin. 

we dined in one of the famous restaurants in Camiguin - 
Vjandep: Kan-anan sa Parola.


and the places we went to:

the sunken cemetery

 the guiob church ruins

 ardent hot springs

...the welcome sign says it 

sto. niño hot springs

we weren't able to tour the rest of the tourist spots in camiguin. so i said to myself, the next time i go back, i will find time to visit those interesting areas i missed.

and so i did back in 2010 
- together with my family, a cousin, and college friends.

we traveled to agora bus terminal and planned to ride the bus by 1pm to get to balingoan port by 3 to 3:30pm to catch the last trip to camiguin. it was unfortunate that the aircon bus did not allow bringing of pets inside. the non-aircon bus and vans were nowhere. so we rented a taxi going to balingoan and we paid around php 1,500.00 - php 2,000.00. it was approximately 2 hours travel time to balingoan port and we were just in time for the last trip.

me, ingrid and sai inside the barge. 
it was really crowded and we had difficulty looking for chairs.

upon reaching our destination, a boy welcomed us with a sign. 
kuya frank - our hired multicab driver was waiting for us.

kuya frank brought us to pabua's cottages - near paras beach resort. we booked a cottage good for 6 persons. the accommodation was cheap. we only had to pay php 1,500.00/night.
the gray multicab is kuya frank's precious multicab.
contact him at 09205405582. 
he knows the pasikot-sikot in camiguin.

here's how it looks like inside our cottage.
by the way, kuya frank suggested this place. 
the owners are friendly and accommodating.

outside out cottage.

in the evening, we dined in vjandep: kan-anan sa parola.
 it was my cousin's treat - a post birthday celebration.


and we went to ardent hot springs to take a night swim.

in the morning, we woke up early to catch the sunrise and see the attractions in the famous white island.

in the rented bangka  at php 400.00 (can accommodated 10 pax).

heading for white island.

and the sunrise!

the big red tent.


food booths and souvenir stalls.

taking fun shots in white island.

and the adventure went on.
next stop was the sunken cemetery.

travel to the cross. we paid php 30.00/pax for the roundtrip.

then the walkway to the stations of the cross. nope. 
we didn't go further up the trail to the different stations. 
we were not up for it.

souvenir shops on the road across the walkway to the stations of the cross

 the guiob church ruins.

to the katibawasan falls.

swimming in katibawasan falls. 
really really cold but refreshing indeed.

to the soda swimming pool.

sightseeing  only in soda swimming pool and 
ate lunch in sto. niño cold springs.

mission accomplished. 
i was able to tour around the famous tourist spots in camiguin.

we traveled back to cdo via paras sea cat.


goodbye camiguin. 'til i visit you again.


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