Monday, July 9, 2012

My Banana Boat Ride

Like I've said. I'm not a lover of the extreme. Well, except for this one. I could ride on this over and over. 

I had my first banana boat ride 2 years ago. It happened during our department's summer affair in Apple Tree Resort, Opol.

Gotta put on our life vests


Me (pink) and Mama (green)

A short prayer


Time to pick our positions

All Set

Success! Nobody fell off because we didn't want to. Epic fail.

But it was really fun! Not a suicidal attempt. Only pure fun. I love the feel of the sea water splashing on my face.

Perhaps because I adore monkeys and this is a "Banana" boat ride that's why I don't feel threatened. Too far fetched eh. But I like the thought of it. Crazy me!


Marjorie Gavan said...

this i've never tried though i have always been curious about it. how much does it cost?

pritsininni said...

if i'm not mistaken it was around php600 to php800 per ride. ^-^ said...


Sun Aug 03- 9:00 AM → RSVP Price: $11.00 per person

gosthani fresh water River,T nagar Palem oppsotise Avanthi college
OPPosite to Avanthi college,Near Tagarapuvalasa, Visakhapatnam (map)

Banana Boat­imb....Ride ONLY 500 INR PER PERSON Children 12 and under 400 INR Zoom across the waters for 45 minutes of the Gosthani... Learn more

Hosted by: balaram (Organizer) - 9703784560

Anonymous said...

This should be fun! But from what I remember, It's hard to open your eyes and enjoy the thrill specially when you're in front, because of the sea water! It keeps getting in your eyes! it's SEA WAATEER!! :O

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