Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Magic Stays With You

My long time dream travels to Hong Kong Disneyland and Hello Kitty World, plus Universal Studios in Singapore are still ...well.. dreams. Sing with me now, "A dream that you wish will come true...". Someday. 

But for now, my footsteps led me to no less than a magical place in my very own country -- THE Enchanted Kingdom! One magical place to be! 

Oh yes, another planned side trip with Liezel. And i invited my colleagues to join us. The child inside me was all giddy to walk into this enchanting place.

And finally, the moment came. The entrance was right before my eyes! Tickets purchased at Php386.00 for All Rides. It was on a discounted rate. They had this ongoing Independence Day & Laguna Day promo. We'd have wanted to be there on its very first hour. But they were not open until 2pm because the place was closed for an exclusive event. Anyhow, we intended to be awed until closing time.

And Hello EK! Wow...the place was crowded. I guess everyone needed the magic EK could give. I knew I wanted that day to be just carefree, fun, and happy living the dream. 

Ooopsy. Long lines in almost all rides! Whew. Unfortunately we never got to be in all the rides. It took us more or less 30 minutes to wait for our ride - a repeat situation in every ride we had. And it rained in the afternoon 'til evening. Still, the magic must go on.

tickets purchased

Bump cars! the last time i saw these cool stuff was in the 90's. We failed to ride in one of these. The line was so long.

The Extreme. The moment I saw them drop, my decision not to ride was irrevocable. Scaredy cat!

Up Up and Away. Our very first hot air balloon ride!

The Wheel of Fate. The view from the top was awesome. 

Picture taking with the Swans.

Look at that frightened me!

My suicide. The Space Shuttle. I knew I was not into extreme adventure. And this ride just confirmed my feelings. Literally breath taking! I felt I was going to lose my breath any moment. But I survived! Haha! Momentarily paralyzed, yes.

The Grand Carousel. We were on this spot when the fireworks lighted the evening sky. Magical.

The Flying Fiesta. I love the feel of the cool air on my face when we were afloat and flying.

The box office ride I should say. Rio Grande Rapids. My favorite Ride! I didn't mind getting wet and wet because I enjoyed it. It was worth the loooong wait.

An afternoon shot of the Rapids. See that falls? I was the lucky one to be on that spot.

The Haunted Mansion. I had a great loud aaaaahhh! when we entered. Those horror characters just know how to scare you.

The Log Jam. And so I thought the extreme was over. Waaaah! This was another scare. The angle were your log will be dropped was very steep. I so wanted to pass out again.

The Log Jam. View from the top.

The Entrance. Closing time.

We were wet and exhausted when we left the park. But it was nothing compared to the great experience we had in Enchanted Kingdom. Truly, the magic stays with you.

Thanks to Liezel, Charlotte, Robin, and Ms. Madel for the wonderful time!

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